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McCOMB & WAGNER is a locally-owned, independent, family-operated, full-service funeral home and crematory providing quality, caring, affordable cremation and burial alternatives for families for 122 years.

Make McCOMB & WAGNER your family's Funeral Home and Crematory


Having helped approximately 30,000 families over 12 decades, we have learned that kindness, compassion, and professionalism are essential qualities needed to provide the quality service that each individual and family deserves. Though we have not served everyone perfectly, we certainly aim to and try with all of our might to honor your family by offering you the best we've got every day. Read what others have said about their experience with us.

Veteran's Benefits

McComb & Wagner has cared for the families of thousands of Veterans who have served our nation as far back as the Civil War.  We know how to honor their memory and sacrificial service. We seek to honor each Veteran as he or she deserves. We recruit military honors and secure the US Flag. Click here to visit the VA website regarding Veterans Death Benefits.                                                                                                 .

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