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McComb & Wagner may be the best value for cremation and funeral care in western Washington. We have extremely competitive prices for all our products and services. We have surveyed the market and compared our offerings with many of our competitor funeral firms so we are able to help you compare apples to apples. Being the "cheapest" isn't our goal. We desire to provide the highest quality products and services at extremely competitive prices and that is why we are tough to beat in terms of value. Having served families in over 12 decades, we have the experience needed to care for your family appropriately, wisely, and compassionately. We often tell folks that we are simply here to help, and we aim to do so not simply as a business but in love and service to your family and the community. McComb & Wagner is a full service funeral home and crematory that offers a wide range of burial and cremation options. Whether your wishes are a basic cremation or a traditional funeral, our goal is to honor your loved one and ease your family's burden. Please call (360) 426-4803 with any pricing, service, or any questions or concerns. We are available 24/7 for immediate need. 

COMPLETE CREMATION PRICING- Click Here To Print Pricing Sheet

McComb & Wagner offers a Complete Cremation Package at $695. This price includes everything needed to complete the cremation from beginning to end except the $8 State Government Cremation Tax. There is no additional mileage up to 100miles from the crematory, no overtime, and no sales tax. Included are the Removing & Transport of a decedent from an institutional facility up to 100miles (add $100 for removal and transport from Residence or Adult Family Home), making arrangements in our office or by-phone; Sheltering of the decedent in a temperature controlled facility until the authorizations have been obtained, and Notifying Social Security. It also includes a Basic Fiberboard Cremation Tray and a Basic White Cardboard Urn Box for the cremated remains which is given to the family in a Nice Logo Receiving Bag. The $695 price also includes a Personalized Obituary Webpage; and helping out Veteran families by securing a United States Flag and recruiting military honors. Items that are additional cost include: certified death certificates, upgraded urns, jewelry, or other merchandise; any type of viewing, any County government permit fees, or any other decedent preparation, services, or cash advance items not listed. We hope this pricing information has been helpful. If you need immediate assistance or have any additional questions at all… please call 360.426.4803. Thank you.

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